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Who is Dottie?

Dottie is a five-year old rhino who is as strong as a linebacker and about graceful as one. She may not win a dance contest or finish a race first, but losing never stops this resolute rhino from doing the thing she loves.

Dottie helps her friend carry school books.Dottie makes drawings on the refridgerator.

While Dottie wants to do the right thing, she still has a lot to learn. When she's afraid of the doctor, she hides. When she craves sweets, she eats all of Dad‘s cookies. And when she plays too rough, she breaks her friends‘ toys.

Dottie sings Dottie bakes cookies.

When everything goes wrong, Dottie always discovers her inner strengths and uses them to make things better. For a little rhino, Dottie has a great, big heart.

Join Dottie as she turns her mess-ups, mix ups, and mishaps into cool discoveries that help her grow even stronger.

Dottie roller skates.Dottie at home.
Stars spread below a scene from dottie and me

How is Dottie doing here?


If you know Dottie, you know she can be very brave. So how will she find the courage to face her fear of the doctor?

What helps you when you're afraid?

Dottie goes to the doctor.
Stars spread above a scene from dottie and me

About the show

Dottie struggles with everyday problems faced by young children. Her trials and triumphs, entertaining songs, and inspiring questions speak to the needs of kids today and empower them to be happy, healthy, strong and kind.

In this series, Dottie celebrates personal victories achieved in the adventures of everyday life.

Dottie looks out from behind the curtain.
Stars spread below a scene from dottie and me

Watch this animation sample. Dottie counts sheep to help herself fall asleep.

Dottie book and workbook

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