“The Good in Me From A to Z is an enchanting, engaging, beautifully illustrated book for little ones that awakens their awareness of the gifts in their own character and helps them to begin life knowing that all they need for a good life is a matter of daily choices.”

Linda Kavelin Popov, Founder of The Virtues Project and author of The Family Virtues Guide and The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide

“As a mother, I love this book because it is the role model our children need nowadays. Children are growing in a fast society full of demands and false images of finding happiness in other things instead of within. This leaves them frustrated and with a poor self-esteem. This is where “The Good in Me From A to Z” may have an amazing positive influence by teaching 26 great ways to acknowledge the many ways you are great and how this can help others and more than anything yourself! If you are filled with confidence and love, that is what you will give to others as you grow up.”

Lidia Vilpizevsky -- Mother

“As a teacher and mom, I think that “The Good in Me From A to Z” is a book that everyone should read. It has such a beautiful and important message about being the best that you can be and enjoy being it. Any child (and even adults) can identify with the main character in a good way. Not only the book has a great message children must be reminded of on a daily basis at home and at school, but it is also fun to read to review the alphabet and the many rhyming words in each page. Moreover, one can enjoy the pretty and colorful pictures in it which go along with the overall happy tone of the book. This book is creative combining the intellectual with the emotional well-being viewed through a child’s eye. Therefore, it is a book you must have!”

Virginia Cruz-Pozzo -- Teacher and mother, U.S.A.

“My class loves the book so much I read it to them at least twice a week. They love the main character in it too. This book through a child’s eye is phenomenal; it teaches them so many educational things, such as ‘being a good person’! I have the book and I will only hope to have more of these types of books in the near future.”

Kristen Conley -- Teacher, U.S.A.

“Thank you for bringing character education to life at North Broward Preparatory School! Your message echoed the qualities and characteristics we teach our students so that they become responsible, empathetic, and caring members of our school community and the communities in which they live.

Dottie has touched the lives of all of our Pre K-3 through 2nd grade students in such a positive and fun way. They loved singing the songs and playing the games that let them show what makes them wonderful and unique. I look forward to using the activities in your Activity Book as part of our Character Education curriculum.”

Sarah Damson, MSW, North Broward Preparatory School -- Guidance Counselor

“We absolutely love Dottie because she helps us to guide our students in building their character in a fun way. We appreciate using the positive language with them, like “Be safe”, rather than “Don’t stand on the chairs!” or “That was helpful!”, “I can do it!” (determined), “You can do it!” (encouraging), “You can do it by yourself” (independent), and the ever popular “Show self-control!” (moderate). We have our own song for the book as well and created another one to a Japanese folk tune that the students presented at a musical festival for the parents. We’re so happy for the coloring book. It will be a GREAT reinforcement and creative outlet for our kids.”

Kim Horne -- English Teacher, Japan

“The Good in Me From A to Z by Dottie” is a magnificent combination of positive character building values. It is colorful, well designed, and incredibly illustrated with an outstanding approach to positive character building from front to back…”

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